Glass Replacement Quote Needs

The best information to have for a window replacement quote

If you have a broken window or need to replace due to a home inspection you will want to have some information on hand to get a proper quote.

1- Approximate Size

Get the width and height. If you don’t have a measuring tape you can grab a sheet of paper(11″ long). Hold up to your window the long way and count how many pages long it is. 4 pages long would be 44″ etc. That will give y ou a good approximate size. Do the same thing for height. If you want to be really general just count the piece of paper as an even foot. So 4 sheets long would be 4 feet. All sizes are verified on site before ordering this approx size is only for replacement quote purposes.

2- Single pane or dual pane?

Single or dual pane refers to the thickness of the glass, not how many windows are connected or near each other. So a dual pane might have just the outside or just the inside pane broken and the other panel still standing, or it may have broken all the way through, but just remember dual pane does not mean”Sliding panel and fixed panel”.

quoting for single pane window

3- Type of Glass?

Annealed, Tempered or Laminated Glass? You can tell by how it breaks. Big chunks or shards would be regular annealed glass. Small tiny pieces would be tempered glass(used in doors, windows within 2 feet of a door or less than 18″ off the ground and many storefronts). Laminated glass is usually only used in storefront applications. When it breaks it stays in place because there is a laminate holding it all together.

tempered and annealed glass examples

broken laminated glass

4- What color (tint) is my glass?

Glass comes in a few standard tints. Clear, Bronze, Gray, Low-E, Obscure. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, take your best guess and we will identify exact tint at the time of measure.

glass colors