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Patio Door Glass Replacement

Need to have patio door glass replaced?

Sliding Arcadia Style Patio DoorIf you need door glass replacement in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Peoria, Chandler, Gilbert, Avondale, Paradise Valley or Surprise then give us a call today. 480-717-0581.

Sliding Patio doors and French door glass have to be tempered. For this reason only a few types of sliding doors can be replaced the same day. Single pane standard sizes 34×76 and 46×76 are usually in stock. Some standard dual pane clear glass inserts are in stock.

Same Day Replacement Sliding Patio Door Sizes Available

Single Pane Clear Tempered Glass for Patio Doors 28×76, 34×76, 46×76

Dual Pane Tempered Glass 34×76 Clear, Bronze, Low-E

Dual Pane Tempered Glass 34×92 Clear and Low-E

Door Glass Replacement Prices Range from 305-959

For other custom sizes turn around time is 5-7 days after measure. You can use laminated glass in place of tempered glass for extra security. Many storefront glass doors and windows use laminated glass. For homes you don’t need to go with the laminated glass. You are better off cost wise to stick with your standard tempered glass replacement.

French Door Glass Replacement

French Door with gridsA French door opens and closes like a normal door. It can have glass panels that are the entire door (1 lite). It can have glass on top and regular on the bottom (1/2 lite) or it can have many individual panes. Sometimes it will have exterior grids that make it look like separated panes, but it’s actually one big solid glass insert.

We also do Storefront Door Glass Replacement

storefront glass door

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Valleywide Glass replaces sliding glass doors, storefront doors, Arcadia doors and glass inserts. We replace the glass using your existing frames. This saves you a lot of money on repairs. We use only high-quality glass from the best distributors and fabricators like GlazTech and TruLite. We stock standard sizes in clear sheets. If you have Low-E or Tinted color variations we will measure, match and order. We can quote you right over the phone so there are no surprises when we come out. The only time price will be different from phone quote is if something is dramatically different or we notice anything out of the ordinary. We have no upsells or hidden pricing!

Arcadia Door Replacement Costs

Replacement cost for glass in French doors and Sliding/Arcadia doors depends on the size, type of glass and color of glass. If you get a rough estimated size and some good guesses on the details you will be able to get an accurate price for sliding door replacement. If you need help confirming these details and you are looking for a Door or Window company in Phoenix AZ then give Valleywide Glass a call at 480-717-0581.Door glass replacement inserts are the same as changing a dual pane window. The first trip is to measure the glass portion or (door insert) if it’s a dual pane. We need to get the exact width and height of the glass needed as well as the overall thickness of the insulated unit.

Dual pane consists of two panes of glass with a spacer in the middle. The spacer is also called the seal. When the seals fail or one pane of glass cracks or breaks then you have to replace the whole unit, since even though it’s two panes it comes as one solid insulated glass unit or IGU.

Once we have the sizes we verify the color of the glass. Is it clear, Low-E, RLE, Bronze or Gray? Many windows or door glass tints are very light and hard to tell. There are many types of Low-E coating for windows. Some will have a slight green tint and others a darker tint. Our technicians will double check and make sure you get the right color or tint for your glass replacement. Here is an example of some of the different colors.

Valleywide Glass LLC- Patio Door Glass Replacement

Replacing All Types of Patio Door Glass in Phoenix, Glendale and Valleywide

Here are some Pictures of different types of patio doors that may help you identify your replacement.

Standard 34×76 Sliding Door Glass Replacement – Low-E Glass

This is the most common type of sliding door. The opening size is 72″ x 80″. Also called a 6068 meaning 6 foot by 6 foot eight opening size. The replacement glass size is 34×76 (2 panels). One is the fixed side and one is the sliding side. Both can be replaced separately. Most of these in newer homes have a slight green or blue tint meaning Low-E Energy efficient glass. Also very common is bronze or clear glass. All door glass will be tempered.

standard size vinyl patio door replacement in Phoenix

4 Panel Vinyl Sliding Dual Pane Patio Doors – Low-E Glass

This is a multi-panel dual pane sliding door setup. The glass can be replaced in one unit at a time if you have broken or foggy glass.

4 panel patio door replacement in Phoenix

French Door Replacement Glass – No Grids

French Doors can usually have the glass replaced in them but sometimes they are what we consider “throw away doors” meaning when the glass is broken you have to replace the whole door since it comes sealed together in the factory.

french door glass no grids

Exterior Single French door with broken glass

Notice how the tempered glass looks when it breaks. It goes into many tiny pieces. All door glass is tempered. Many times these French Patio Doors will have grids that make them look like seperate panes of glass but as you can see it is just one big pane of glass or one big dual pane unit.

tempered glass patio door with grids and broken glass

4 panel patio door replacement in Phoenix

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New Patio Door Glass Replacement Options

Door glass or window glass that is within two feet of a door or less than 18″ off the ground has to be tempered. You can tell the difference between tempered and annealed (standard) by how it breaks. Tempered safety glass is 4 times stronger than regular and shatters into many tiny pieces. You have a less chance of cutting yourself. Annealed or regular glass on the other hand breaks into big sharp shards. You will notice the difference. Tempered glass will have a marking on it from the glass and window factory showing it’s tempered. Check out this picture of broken glass to make it more clear.We use only the highest quality glass products from the top distributors in the country like Glaztech, C R Laurence, Tru Lite and Stadium Glass. Our products included, annealed glass, tempered glass, Low-E, tinted and laminated safety units. If your slider is not sliding properly you may need door roller replacement.