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Valleywide Glass LLC – Broken and Foggy Window Repair

With fast turnaround times and same day service for single panes, Valleywide Glass has built a strong customer base. Highly reviewed 5 Star Service. Not all glass can be replaced on the same day. Dual pane and Tempered glass have to be measured and ordered. Turn around times can range between 3-7 days depending on the size and type of glass needed.

Need to replace broken windows or foggy windows due to seal failure?

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We only use the highest quality glass products from the best distributors and fabricators in the country, including, GlazTech, TruLite, and Stadium Glass. Our prices are low and our clients love that we have no upsells or hidden fees. The only time the price quoted will change is if the details are dramatically different than discussed or we notice an issue not discussed while we are on site. If there is a price change it will be discussed before the glass is ordered so no surprise fees will ever pop up once the agreed upon amount and scope of project are finalized.

Window and Door Glass Repair in Phoenix AZ

residential tinted window that was repairedIf you have some details about your window this will help us give you the most accurate quote and save you time and money. Window Glass Replacement – Read below to see how to get the basic details you’ll need for a glass replacement quote.

Are your windows Single or Double pane?

single pane window replacement companyThe difference between single and double pane is the thicknessSingle pane is one piece thick, and Dual pane is two panes separated by a spacer or seal. You can have dual pane annealed, tempered or laminated. The most common for home windows is annealed(regular).

Bronze, Tinted, Obscure or Low-E Glass?

Glass color and tint typesYou can see Low E has just a slight green tint.(Different Low E type will be identified by technician on site) Bronze glass has a brownish color to it, Gray tint is easy to spot because it’s Gray. Don’t worry too much about this, We can quote you for clear and tinted.

Is the glass Tempered, Annealed or Laminated?

Tempered Glass and Regular Glass How to tell the difference between glass typesYou can tell what type of glass you have by how it breaks. Annealed will have some small and big shards. Tempered will be tiny glass pieces and Laminated glass will break but stay in place. Tempered glass will be in doors, ground level or above a tub or bath.

Laminated glass is the best for security

a piece of laminated safety glass

Laminated Glass is great for break-in prevention. It will break but stay in place due to it’s laminate between the panes.

Laminated glass is usually for storefront doors and windows. The most common is single pane 1/4″ thick. You can break it but it stays in place instead of shattering and falling like tempered glass. It’s not break-in proof by any means but it will make it much more difficult to break through.

Common Window Replacement Types in AZ

Single Pane Aluminum Frame Window Glass Replacement

Single pane glass can usually be measured and cut on site. For residential 1/8″ double strength single pane annealed glass is the most common. For storefronts or commercial single pane it is usually 1/4″ and can be annealed, tempered or laminated depending on the application.

single pane window being replaced in Phoenix

Dual Pane Replacement Glass (IGU’s)

Dual panes have to be measured and ordered. For this reason replacements can take a few days up to a week or more to be completed depending on the  make-up of the replacement IGU size and details.

cracked dual pane window with grids

Valleywide Glass works with home owners, property managers, real estate agents, contractors, glazing contractors, home improvement and construction contractors as well as general contracting companies, businesses and home sellers and buyers. Whether it was broken and you need same day service or some issues came up on your home inspection and you need to replace before a deadline Valleywide Glass can help. We do our best to install your new glass as soon as it’s ready. For this reason, we are able to have faster turnaround times than most of our competitors 

Are you looking for a Window Glass Replacement Company in Phoenix AZ?

Valleywide Glass offers service to: Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Paradise Valley, Tolleson, Surprise, Sun City, Ahwatukee, Tempe, Laveen and the entire Valley. Glass replacement, 24 hour emergency service, broken window board-ups, mirrors, skylight installation and replacement, sun screens, window replacement, Arcadia doors, French doors, sliding glass doors. We replace single pane and dual pane windows. We offer high quality Low E glass, tinted glass. We are mobile and ready to help make your glass problems go away! Fill out our free quote form for a fast and accurate estimate. We use High-Quality Glass Products from GlazTech

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